STRUCTURE, PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES, BIOLOGICAL FUNCTION AND DIAGNOSTIC SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE DEMYELINATING DISEASES V.P. CHEKHONIN, O.I. GURINA, T.B. DMITRIEVA, A.V. SEMENOVA, E.A. SAVCHENKO, M.E. GRIGOR.EV Serbsky National Research Centre for Social & Forensic Psychiatry, 23 Kropotkinsky Per., Moscow, Russia. Physico-chemical properties and biological role of myelin basic protein (MBP) - one of the main myelin membrane proteins are reviewed. The data on MBP phosphorylation, methylation, fatty acid acylation and on interaction with lipid molecules in the human and animals bodies are presented. Much attention has been paid to the discussion of the diagnostic and clinical significance of the MBP, as the marker of demyelinating process in the central and peripheral nervous system.