Gene: [07^/S7] surface antigen S7 (chromosome 7; SA7-2; Cicurel-Croce); [S6 SA7-2 ]


[1] Genes of two different surface antigenes, described by different authors in 1977 (Knowles-1977 and Cicurel-1977) under the same symbol (S6), were assigned to chr 7. This led to contradictory designations described below.
[2] HGM originally registered the gene found by Knowles as S6 (or SA7-1), then (HGM7) it was excluded because of its identity to the previously found gene for epidermal growth factor receptor (Carlin-1981; see also GEM:07p12/EGFR1). In turn, the antigen S7 (SA7-2) found by Cicurel-1977 was included in the HGM catalogues (up to HGM10) as an independent chr 7 marker (although with erroneous reference to MIM:131550, which corresponds to EGRF).
[3] MIM introduces alternative designations of these two genes. The antigen found by Knowles-1987 and named S7 is described, under MIM 131550, as EGFR; and that found by Cicurel-1977 is designated as S6 and described under another number, MIM:185520.
[4] Thus, the antigen S7 in the HGM and GEM Catalogues corresponds to S6 in the MIM Catalogue. The designation EGRF is currently adopted in all catalogues."


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unknown, basic




MIM: 185520


S6 SA7-2